Cryptonite Wizards—Uncovering innovation and opportunity

Fresh off the streets of innovation, our Cryptonite Wizards know what it means to build a new enterprise one brick at a time. —Cartegena Colombia

Apply to be a Cryptonite Wizard here.

The Cryptonite Network

Born out of the heart of Silicon Valley, Cryptonite is an expert content and commentary-sharing network for global innovation professionals launching in the fourth quarter of 2021. Cryptonite’s target members represent all modern growth-industry sectors, including blockchain/crypto, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, robotics, biotechnology/regenerative science, green technology, energy, and advanced sensors and devices.

Cryptonite offers its members a Reddit-style format that includes moderated voice chats (think Clubhouse) and live weekly interactive video programs featuring the next generation of entrepreneurial rock stars and risk investors.

Cryptonite Wizards initiate community discussion by sharing content and opinion on topics they think matter and telling us why we should care.

Distinguished as the first fully decentralized, ‘trusted’ network brand, Cryptonite gives members crypto key control over their online data and content, data security via distributed storage, and revenue-sharing via CPRO crypto rewards.

What is a Cryptonite Wizard?

Not everybody gets to teach the class or give the keynote at the big events, and that’s why we created the Cryptonite Wizards. Our Wizards ideally have at least 10 years of intensive study and provable results and expertise in one or more innovation and entrepreneurial business domains. Our bias is towards clever entrepreneurs, Chief Technology Officers, and intrapreneurs who have transformed an idea into a thriving enterprise as defined by the size of customer base, revenues, and profits.

Cryptonite Wizards may choose to launch a ‘MiXr” — a voice-based discussion and debate — around the content and opinions they’ve shared and allow their viewers to ‘get in the MiX.’

Our second bias is towards risk investors who have built a long and demonstratable history of investing in great entrepreneurs. A tertiary interest is to recruit legal, finance, tax, accounting, tokenomics, and public investment experts who have a proven history of advising successful entrepreneurs. ‘Coaches,’ ‘consultants,’ self-appointed ‘thought-leaders’ and ‘public speakers’—with no demonstrable record of building a sustainable enterprise outside of peddling their ‘personal brands’ need not apply

See the sample list of Cryptonite Wizards here.

Our mission is to create an interactive world where Cryptonite members can tap into the meta-intelligence of pre-qualified industry ‘Wizards’ who share expert knowledge and opinion on the innovation trends and companies that matter.

Apply to be a Cryptonite Wizard here.

The Innovation Market

The Cryptonite members are crafty entrepreneurs and risk investors seeking a more private, secure, sustainable, and self-empowered planet. The Cryptonite Wizards are the pioneering early adopters and thought-leaders within the world’s billion professionals. Cryptonite’s global demographics represent ambitious professionals with the greatest appetite for risk and the highest business and consumer purchasing power.

Cryptonite Live!

Our Cryptonite Live! video-casting platform will allow our Wizards and industry ‘guest hosts’ 30 hours of weekly interactive, live video programming time. Cryptonite Live! shows highlight top entrepreneurs, companies, innovation trends, and investment opportunities. Social-cast viewers can rate and reward guests with CPRO, comment in real-time, and see and connect with others watching the show.

Cryptonite Live! shows allow our Wizards to mix it up with top entrepreneurs and investors pioneering innovation and creating new opportunities for all.

Cryptonite Tribes and the DAO

Cryptonite Tribes are interest-niche forums created and led by Tribal Chiefs recruited primarily from within our Wizard ranks. Given the number and complexity of innovation and industry sectors represented by the Cryptonite community, Tribes offer members a deeper and more focused structure. As Reed’s Law underscores, as the number of Tribes multiplies, the economic value and network effects of Cryptonite will grow exponentially.

We have designed each Tribe as a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO. Initially, the Tribal Chief sets up the rules for the Tribe, and a blockchain ledger automatically records all community actions and transactions without manual intermediation. Over time, the Chief’s control over the Tribe transfers over to the community, or subset of the community, who votes on any rule changes. This pre-programmed design assures a safe and fully transparent environment, where Chiefs and members receive CPRO coins for working towards the unified goals of their Tribe.


Cryptonite Wizards: On the forefront of blockchain/crypto, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, robotics, biotechnology/regenerative science, green technology, energy, and advanced sensors and devices.

Cryptonite Wizard Roles and Benefits

  • Receive a little pot of founder CPRO coins (number to be determined imminently).
  • Opportunity to buy additional CPRO coins at $.005 prior to the official pre-sale, which will be priced @ $.01.
  • Share cutting-edge content and commentary on the Cryptonite home page.
  • Moderate voice-based discussions and debates with members around content and commentary you share with the community.
  • Serve as a guest commentator on regular weekly Cryptonite Live! video programs.
La insignia Cryptonite NFT distingue a Wizards dentro de nuestra comunidad global de innovadores.
  • Enjoy a premium position on the site where you will be awarded CPRO coins for the interest your posts and voice chat sessions, and video appearance attracts.
  • Nominate up to 3 Wizards a month.
  • Start a Cryptonite Tribe around your areas of interest and expertise and earn additional CPRO coins.
  • Serve as a member of the ‘Cryptonite Wizard Tribe’, which helps nominate and review nominations to the annual Cryptonite Top Companies and Investors lists.
  • Option to join the private Cryptonite Wizards Telegram Group.
  • A lifetime Premium membership ($228 annual value). Premium members enjoy greater access to top company and investor analytics, advanced member search and messaging unlimited daily comments, and the ability to download connection profiles and other critical data.
  • All Premium members also receive a 5 percent sales source commission on all purchases their referred members make in the CPRO Shop, including memberships fees, paid automatically in CPROs.
  • Earn additional CPRO coins, and develop new business by being part of the Cryptonite, voice-based, ‘Ask a Wizard’ network.
  • Enjoy the option to offer members a subscription to your content sharing feed, the ability to message you, and receive any other value you want to provide. Think: ‘The OnlyFans for the innovators’ ;)
  • Enjoy a lifetime distinction as a Cryptonite Wizard with an accompanying NFT-based badge held in your wallets and displayed on your profile and posts.

Apply to be a Cryptonite Wizard here.

Friends of Cryptonite Special Offer @ $.005 per CPRO coin + Founding Member status and privileges [+]

Read the full CPRO sales presentation here.

The Cryptonite PRO (CPRO) project is set to launch the first blockchain-based, crypto reward-driven social network for entrepreneurs and risk investors on the planet, and we want our friends to join us on this journey.

The presentation you see in front of you is the draft design our the CPRO coin public pre-sale site tied to our coin distribution platform. For the next 45 days, while the site is under final development, we offer Cryptonite Wizards and our friends a private opportunity to buy at the lowest possible price before the public pre-sale.

Read the full CPRO sales presentation here.

A minimum $2,000 investment earns ‘Founding Member’ status, NFT badge, and 3-year premium-plus subscription. Check out the full Founding Member benefits in the presentation below.

Purchase CPROs ($.005 per CPRO) and ‘Founding Member’ status and privileges here.

Interested investment funds and potential larger investors may contact Cryptonite founder Tony Perkins at for additional details or questions.

Cryptonite Telegram Group [+]

Until our network app launches, we will be building a community on the Cryptonite Wizard Telegram Group by allowing Wizards and Founding Members the ability to post and share while the rest of the world looks on and learns.

Click here to join the Cryptonite Telegram Group.




Silicon Valley OG. Founder and Editor of Cryptonite. Previously Founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group

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Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins

Silicon Valley OG. Founder and Editor of Cryptonite. Previously Founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group

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