Cryptonite Wizards—Uncovering innovation and opportunity.

Our Wizards are industry disrupters who lead Cryptonite discussions and debates and direct members to the innovation trends, investment opportunities, and emerging companies that matter.

Cryptonite Wizards: On the forefront of blockchain/crypto, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, robotics, biotechnology/regenerative science, green technology, energy, and advanced sensors and devices.

Born out of the heart of Silicon Valley, global entrepreneurs and risk investors come to Cryptonite to teach and learn. To be relevant and prosperous in today’s fast-changing, 24/7 world, professionals must stay on top of technology disruption and the new opportunities it inspires.

With a target launch in 2023, Cryptonite seeks qualified Wizards representing all modern growth-industry sectors to help guide our community. Our first Wizard recruitment push focuses on seasoned entrepreneurs and risk investors operating in the fast-growing dApps/crypto, artificial intelligence, and metaverse/virtual reality ‘Web3’ sectors. We also seek Wizards representing robotics, biotechnology, regenerative science, green technology, energy, advanced sensors and devices, and other emerging innovation sectors.

Our Wizards ideally have at least ten years of intensive study and provable results in one or more innovation and entrepreneurial business domains. We favor clever entrepreneurs, crafty designers, and hard-core geeks who have helped transform an idea into a thriving product and enterprise defined by the size of the customer base, revenues, and profits.

Apply to be a Cryptonite Wizard here.

“Who you know, what you know, and when you know it is the currency of Silicon Valley.”

— Michael Moritz, Partner, Sequoia Capital,
& seed investor in Google, Yahoo, Paypal & YouTube

Along with transparency of purpose and member privacy and data control, Cryptonite offers its members economic alignment through revenue-sharing. Under this construct, our Wizards — as our teachers — stand to enjoy significant Cryptonite PRO (CPRO) token rewards and expert subscription income. CPRO benefits include discounts on membership upgrades, as well as Cryptonite and third-party event tickets, research and intelligence, online data services, productivity tools, shared space, and select luxury offerings. If the market and regulatory environment allow, we plan to list the CPRO on public exchanges to provide additional value.

Designed in a retro-Reddit, subject tag-driven format, only our Wizards can share and initiate the debate on the Wizard home page. Members can also rate and reward each other with CPROs, make comments, and connect.

Cryptonite Wizards initiate community discussion by sharing content and opinion on topics they think matter and telling us why we should care.

If Wizards choose, they can hang out and initiate voice chats (think Clubhouse) around the content, observations, and opinion they share and receive additional CPRO rewards.

Cryptonite Wizards may choose to launch a ‘MiXr” — a voice-based discussion and debate — around the content and opinions they’ve shared and allow their viewers to ‘get in the MiX.’

Apply to be a Cryptonite Wizard here.

Cryptonite Live! shows highlight top entrepreneurs, companies, innovation trends, and investment opportunities. Our Wizards participate as Cryptonite Live! presenters, commentators, and program hosts. Cryptonite viewers interact by rating and rewarding presenters with CPRO, real-time commenting, and connecting with others.

Wizard will help Cryptonite achieve its long-term goal of creating a live, 24/7, interactive video broadcasting platform that focuses on the business of innovation and its cultural and geo-political impact.

Wizards enjoy the ability to create and host a Cryptonite Tribe based on their subject expertise and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) they help design. Given the complexity of innovation and industry sectors represented by the Cryptonite community, Tribes offer members a deeper and more focused structure to learn and collaborate. As Reed’s Law underscores, as the number of Tribes multiplies, the economic value and network effects of Cryptonite will grow exponentially.

“Successful decentralized social networks will offer a transparency of purpose and economic alignment. The true value of a network’s currency will ultimately be equal to the perceived value of being a member of the community.”

— Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase & Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Wizards work with our editors to nominate and vote for Cryptonite’s top company and cryptocurrency competitions.

Cryptonite produces the top 500 private companies, Altcoin Fast 40, and top individual risk investor lists, which are dynamically tracked and showcased on Cryptonite’s home page.

Wizards work with our event producers to plug-into live programming as hosts and presenters on the Cryptonite World Tour.

Cryptonite holds an annual summit at the Hoover Institute on the Stanford University campus and a rotating selection of innovation centers and crypto colonies worldwide.
  • Exclusively initiate community discussion and debate on the Wizard home page by sharing cutting-edge content and commentary and hosting MiXr voice chats.
  • Present or serve as a guest commentator on regular weekly Cryptonite Live! video programs.
  • Enjoy a premium position on the site where you will be awarded CPRO coins for the interest your posts and voice chat sessions and video appearance attracts.
  • Start a Cryptonite Tribe around your areas of interest and expertise and earn CPRO coins.
  • Enjoy the option to offer members a subscription to your content-sharing feed, the ability to message you, and receive any other value you want to provide. Think: ‘The OnlyFans for the innovators’ ;)
  • Enjoy a lifetime distinction as a Cryptonite Wizard with an accompanying NFT-based badge held in your wallets and displayed on your profile and posts and a little pot of CPRO coins for joining our Wizard ranks.
  • Opportunity to buy additional CPRO coins at $.005 before the official pre-sale, priced @ $.01.
  • Option to join the private Cryptonite Wizards Telegram Group.

Apply to be a Cryptonite Wizard here.

In 22 of 250 U.S. metropolitan areas, women under the age of 30 earn the same amount as or more than their male counterparts, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis. Additionally, this fall’s college enrollment numbers show that for every man, there are now almost two women attending college. Women with an associate degree or higher are also now earning 5 percent more in wages than men.

n recognition of the trend that shows new-generation women outperforming men across most professional indicators, Cryptonite is honored to foster our Women First! program with the goal of ensuring that our Wizard ranks always represent 51 percent-plus women. We still have a way to go to reach this balance, so please actively encourage your female professional heroes to join us. Follows is a small example of Cryptonite’s growing list of industry experts now also serving our members as Wizards.

Apply to be a Cryptonite Wizard here.

Ana Lukner Roljic, Founder & Chairman, Truhoma + Magomed Musaev, Founder & President, GVA Capital + Donald Basile, CEO, Monsoon Blockchain Storage + Mark Drummond, AI & Machine Learning, Apple + Tongtong Gong, CTO, + Roger Ver, Founder, Bitcoin Cash + Sonja Perkins, Founder, Broadway Angels + Jeremy Liew, Partner, Lightspeed Ventures + Brad Stephens, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Blockchain Capital + Pam Alexander, Angel Investor, Next Ventures + Richard Ma, CEO, Quantstamp Technologies + Sam Harrison, Managing Partner, Blockchain Ventures + Bart Stephens, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Blockchain Capital + Heidi Messer, Chairperson & Co-Founder, Collective + David Kunin , Co-founder & CEO, Inflexhn Partners + Josh Lawler, Partner, Zuber Lawler LLP + Linda Lawrence, Founder, Zero1 + Howard Morgan, Chairman, B Capital Group + Michele Sconiers, Co-Founder & COO, Level Therapy Group + Scott English, Managing Director & Head of U.S. Investments, Hearst Ventures + Ann Grimes, Editor & Educator, Stanford School of Design + Amy Wu, Partner, Lightspeed Ventures + Doug Park, Crypto Lawyer, Park and Dibadj + Neil Gerber, Director, New Energy & Blockchain, IBM + Petra Vorsteher, Founder, AI.Hamburg + Heather Hiles, Managing Partner, Black Ops Fund + Keith Agoada, CEO, Producers Token + Marie Alexander, Angel Investor + Michael Arrington, Founder & Partner, Arrington XRP Capital + Larry Augustin, VP, Amazon Web Services (AWS) + Rok Babič, CTO, Eligma Labs + Saswata Basu, Founder & CEO, 0chain + David Chaum, Founder & Cryptographer, DigiCash + Kevin Collins, Managing Director, Software & Platforms Industry, Accenture + Shawn Douglass, CEO, + Tess Hau, Founder & CEO, Tess Ventures + Atsushi Hisatsumi, Founder & CEO, PATRON + Bess Ho, Angel Investor, GSQ + André Horta, CEO, BitcoinToYou + Dejan Roljic, Founder & CEO, Eligma + Joe Schoendorf, Founding Partner, Accel Partners + Michelle Tsing, Co-Founder, Governance Research Institute + William Barhydt, CEO, Abra + Andrey Zamovsky, Founder & CEO. Ambisafe + Michael Petersohn, Managing Director, ARC Financial Technologies + Gil Valentine, Founder & CCO, Athena Bitcoin + Bá Minuzzi, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Ausum Ventures + Sonny Singh, CCO, BitPay + Michael Skok, Co-Founder & Partner, Underscore VC + Duncan Davidson, Founder & Managing Director, Bullpen Capital + Christina Yang, Managing Partner, SteelBay Equity Partners + Andrew Collins, Co-Founder & CEO, Bungalow + George Gilder, Founder, Gilder Technology +

‘It’s a scary time to have an opinion or to make controversial art or statements. It’s scary because art is about creating conversation. That is always the point. The Internet is the opposite of conversation — it’s people putting things out and not taking anything in. Being an artist is not about everybody loving you or thinking you’re hot. It’s about expressing something that will hopefully spark a conversation, inspire people and expand their thinking.’ — Zoë Kravitz, actress

Gerrit Van Wingerden, CTO, Caspian + Henrik Hjelte, CEO, ChromaWay + Jordon Hall, Co-Founder, Civium + Daniel Polotsky, Founder & CEO, CoinFlip + Eddy Travia, CEO, Coinsilium + Massimo Bertaccini, CEO, Cryptolab + Jeff Wentworth, Co-Founder, Curvegrid + Jessica Segal, Partner, DFJ Growth + Guy Zyskind, Co-Founder & CEO, Enigma + Alexi Lane, CEO, Everex + Alpesh Doshi, Founder & CEO, Fintricity + Salem Bagami, Founder & Director, Founder Institute + Lewis Katz, CBO, FS Investments + Jonny Peters, Founder & CEO, Gaze Coin + Josh Elman, Partner, Greylock Partners + Mike Gault, Founder & CEO, Guardtime + Clément Lesaege, CTO, Kleros + Ian Worrall, Founder & CEO, MyBit AG + Jon Jacobs, Founder & CEO, NeverDie Studios + Abhishek Pitti, Founder & CEO, Nucleus Vision + Azam Zariff, Founder, Investify + Alessandro Piol, Managing Partner & Co-Founder + AlphaPrime Ventures + Brendan Playford, Co-Founder & CEO, PngMe + Russell Korus, CEO, PotCoin + Cate Rung, CCO & Co-Founder, PngMe + Natalia Karayaneva, CEO, Propy + Patrick Dai, Founder, Qtum + David Menard, Founder & CEO, Real Items + Sean Walsh, Founder & CEO, Redwood City Ventures + Michael Moll, CTO, Reitium Blockchain Technologies LTD + Scott Irwin, General Partner, Rembrandt Venture Partners + James Seg, Founder & CEO, Riptide Coin + Jen Horonjeff, PhD, Founder & CEO, Savvy Cooperative + Joy Ajlouny, Co-Founder, fetchr & Bonfaire + Phillippe Khan, Founder & CEO, Fullpower + Parul Gujral, CEO, Snowball + Jim Liew, Co-Founder & Partner, Sokat + ChrisMcCoy, CEO, Storecoin + Abram Cookson, CIO & Co-Founder, Substratum + Rufo Guerreschi, CEO, TRUSTLESS:AI + Dominik Zynis, Co-Founder, WINGS DAO + Alisa Gus, CEO, WishKnish + Keith Nilsson, Managing Partner, Xplorer Capital + Kenneth Goldman, Former CFO, Yahoo + Doug Scott, Partner, Surround Ventures + Tony Zhang, Managing Director, Ventek Ventures + Steven XI, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Eastlink Capital Partners, L.P. + David Yang, Founder,, + Ron Yekutiel, CoFounder & CEO, Kaltura + Eleanor Wu, President, Blue Ocean Systems + David Siegel, Founder, + Yoav Dror, Founder & CEO, Pumapay + Sasha Johnson, CEO, VC.House + Deepak Kamra, General Partner + Patrick Li, CTO, AlohaCloud Digital Networks + Dovydas Riasnojus, ,CEO, Swace Foundation + Norm Fogelsong, General Partner, IVP + Alvin Foo, Co-Founder, DAOventures + Patri Friedman, Managing Partner, Zarco Investment Group + Clarence Wooten, Director & Entrepreneur In Residence, Google + +Kim Vogel, Board Director, Trico + Sam Zaid, Founder & CEO, Getaround + Steven Sprague, CEO, Rivetz Corp + Jay Samit, Executive Chairman, Greenfield Robotics + Susan Oh CMO Beyond Imagination + Eric Alexandre, Executive Director & Founder Ikon Media|Jetcoin + Grace Tang Founder & CEO LookRev + Richard Bohan, CEO & CoFounder, Crypto Capital Investments + Janine Terrano Founder & CEO Topia Technology + Adriaan Brink, Founder & CEO, FUN Token + Patrick Chung, General Partner, Xfund + Hayden Gill, CEO, Atlas Power + Melisande Mual Managing Director, The Paypers + Omar Green, Founder & CEO, Wallet.AI +Andrew Grosser, Founder & CEO, SFPL + Marc Kenigsberg, Chief Marketing Officer, Antidote Health + Matthew Liu, Cofounder, Origin Protocol, + Paul Mahal, CEO & Founder, Stanford Ventures + Ismail Malik, CEO & Founder, Blockchain Lab + Nikolaj Martyniuk, Co-Founder & CEO, WePower Network + Mike Reaves, VP of Product, AutoRABIT + James Robinson Founder & General Partner RRE Ventures + Mouli Srini, Founder & CEO, MOBODEXTER + Sarah Austin, Head of Content, Kava Labs +

Fresh off the streets of innovation, our Cryptonite Wizards know what it means to build a new enterprise one brick at a time. — graffiti art from Cartegena Colombia

Apply to be a Cryptonite Wizard here.

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We would be honored to receive your Top Cryptonite 300 Web3 company nominations by sending a confidential email to, or filling out the Top Company nomination form here.

Until our network app launches in 2023, we are building a community on the Cryptonite Wizard Telegram Group by allowing our Wizards and and friends to post and share.

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Silicon Valley OG. Founder and Editor of Cryptonite. Previously Founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group

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Anthony Perkins

Silicon Valley OG. Founder and Editor of Cryptonite. Previously Founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group