Cryptonite Live!

Cryptonite Live! produces on-site and beamed-in interviews, panel discussions, and selective live event coverage.

Introducing Cryptonite Live!

Interested in participating in our programming production and development?

The full-screen Cryptonite Live! video player — with all the interactive bells and whistles. Cryptonite Live! programs feature up to six participants.
The full-screen Cryptonite Live! video player in ‘Peace Mode” — Video without the interactive bells and whistles.
The Cryptonite Live! video player allows viewers to rank and reward participants with Cryptonite PRO coins — a first in the world of live broadcasting.
Viewers may also ask questions and make comments featured and rotated at the top of the video player (slot machine-style) and in a rolling feed under the player.
Top Wizards, including Cryptonite founder and editor Anthony Perkins and VC-kingpin and Bitcoin billionaire Tim Draper host regular programs.
Cryptonite Live! produces a weekly ‘Top Company Pitch’ program featuring a selection of community-touted private technology companies operating in the global Silicon Valley. Two Cryptonite Wizards with proven expertise in the sectors represented by the pr4esenting companies will co-host each show.
As you scroll the screen down to see all the comments, the list of viewers, programming and ratings and reward stats, and more show tabs, the live show miniaturizes to the top of the screen.
Unique to Cryptonite Live!, viewers can see all the members watching each show in real-time and archived format and sort the list by duration view time, ratings, rewards, name, company, and country. Members can quickly access expanded professional profiles, connect, and direct-message other members for business networking and fundraising.
After each live show, Cryoptonite Live! displays all the rating and reward totals and other show stats in a summary screen updated in archived form.
Select Cryptonite Live! shows featured on the four major podcast platforms: Apple, Spotify, Google, and Amazon.
You always know what show is next on Cryptonite Live!

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