Cryptonite Founding Members

Our founders represent a clever and colorful tribe of entrepreneurs and investors straight from the back streets of global innovation.

‘Las Tres Guerreras’ is a vibrant and powerful depiction of Cartagenan indigene that looks out over the old city's walls. London-based graffiti artist Fin DAC is a self-taught non-conformist and realist who calls his style Urban Aesthetics — an atypical paint/stencil style that ignores the traditional street art approach almost completely.

Born out of the heart of Silicon Valley, Cryptonite is an original content and commentary-sharing network for global innovation professionals. Launching this Fall, Cryptonite is ‘a Reddit for innovators’ with moderated voice chats (think Clubhouse) and live weekly interactive video programs featuring the next generation of entrepreneurial rock stars and risk investors.

Cryptonite is also distinguished as the first fully decentralized, ‘trusted’ network brand, giving members crypto key control over their personal online data and content, data security via distributed storage, and revenue-sharing via CPRO crypto rewards.

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Comments made by Cryptonite Founding Members on shared content and during Cryptonite Live! programming are given preferential placement over those of regular member comments.

Every new enterprise needs early supporters to help get the momentum going, and that's why we created the Cryptonite Founding Member program. Our Founding Members are central to the Cryptonite brand as they epitomize the ideal Cryptonite community member.

Our Founding Members are professionals with proven results and expertise in the innovation and entrepreneurial business domains. Most are clever entrepreneurs, technologists, and intrapreneurs who have taken an idea and transformed it into a thriving enterprise. Other Founding Members are risk investors who have built a history of investing in great entrepreneurs and experts in law, finance, tax, accounting, tokenomics, and public investing.

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Cryptonite Founding Members may participate in a ‘MiXr” panel— a live voice-based discussion and debate — around the content and opinions shared by Cryptonite Wizards.

Our mission is to create an interactive world where Cryptonite members can tap into the meta-intelligence of pre-qualified industry ‘Wizards’ by following their thoughts and forecasts on technology business and investment trends, innovations, and the hottest emerging companies.

Our Cryptonite Live! social video-casting platform will allow our industry ‘guest hosts’ 30 hours of weekly interactive, live video programming time. Cryptonite Live! shows highlight top entrepreneurs, companies, trends, and investors. Social-cast viewers can rate and reward guests with CPRO, comment in real-time, and see and connect with others watching the show.

Cryptonite Live! programming highlights top entrepreneurs, companies, trends, and investments over 30 hours of weekly programming.

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  • Enjoy a lifetime distinction as a ‘Cryptonite Founding Member’ with an accompanying NFT-based badge held in their wallets and displayed on their profile and posts.
  • A three-year Premium-Plus membership ($1,764 value) that provides full access to all top company and investor analytics, advanced member search and messaging unlimited daily comments, and the power to download connection profiles and other critical data.
The Cryptonite NFT-badge distinguishes Founding Members within our global community of innovators.
  • Comments and ratings on shared homepage content and during Cryptonite Live! programming enjoy preferential placement over those of regular member remarks.
  • Join Cryptonite Wizards in voice-based discussions and debates with members around their shared content and commentary.
  • Nominate up to 3 new Cryptonite members a month.
  • Start a Tribe around their areas of interests and expertise.
  • Serve as a member of the ‘Cryptonite Founding Member Tribe’, which helps nominate and review for sections to the annual Cryptonite Top Companies and Top Investors lists.

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Silicon Valley OG. Founder and Editor of Cryptonite. Previously Founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group