Our founders represent a clever and colorful tribe of entrepreneurs and investors straight from the back streets of global innovation.

‘Las Tres Guerreras’ is a vibrant and powerful depiction of Cartagenan indigene that looks out over the old city's walls. London-based graffiti artist Fin DAC is a self-taught non-conformist and realist who calls his style Urban Aesthetics — an atypical paint/stencil style that ignores the traditional street art approach almost completely.

Cryptonite will be premiered this fall as a media-sharing and commentary network for innovation professionals — ‘a Reddit for innovators’ that includes moderated voice chats (think Clubhouse) and, in our Version 2.0, regular, live weekly interactive video program featuring our Cryptonite Wizards and other entrepreneurial rocks stars.

Cryptonite is distinguished as the first fully decentralized, ‘trusted’ media brand, giving members crypto key control over their personal online data and content, data security via distributed storage, and revenue-sharing via CPRO crypto rewards for positive community contributions. …

Our Wizards lead the Cryptonite community by sharing insider knowledge and forecasts on technology business, innovation, and investment trends, and uncovering the hottest emerging companies.

Apply to be a Cryptonite Wizard here.

Cryptonite will be premiered this fall as a media-sharing and commentary network for innovation professionals — ‘a Reddit for innovators’ that includes moderated voice chats (think Clubhouse) and, in our Version 2.0, regular, live weekly interactive video program featuring our Wizards and other entrepreneurial rocks stars.

Cryptonite Wizards are central to the Cryptonite brand as they are the only members who can share media and commentary on our home page, and chose to moderate voice-based discussions with members around the content they have shared.

The Chinese government tracks its people, stores their biometric data, and ranks them according to their ‘loyalty’ to the Communist Party. Just think what the CCP will do for you.

China cuts Uyghur births with IUDs, abortion, and sterilization as part of a sweeping campaign to curb its Muslim population. Even the Uyghur diaspora lives in fear of the Chinese state. The CCP’s treatment of the Uyghurs should inform our China policy.

The best spin on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) involvement with the global spread of COVID is they were playing around in some biological warfare lab, a virus got loose by mistake, they hid the data, and then all hell broke loose. Worst case, the CCP released this menace as part of a grand strategy to disrupt the U.S. economy and take down an American President who became their worst enemy. Plot or not, it was Mission Accomplished for the most brutal regime on the planet. …

Bitcoin boomed during the pandemic — up close to 80 percent since the lockdown in March — and just might end up as good as gold.

Despite being a fully-committed blockchain revolutionary for more than a few years now, if you had asked me just six months ago if you should buy bitcoin, my answer would have been ‘I don’t know.’ Maybe the pandemic loosened one of my bolts, but my gut-opinion on bitcoin has changed, and today I am going to tell you why.

First, a qualifier. Way back in 1999, Roger McNamee, a billionaire tech investor, psychedelic rock star, and author of the book, Zucked — Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe, gave my brother Michael and me some straightforward yet sage advice. We…

VCs banked a record-breaking $250 billion in exits in 2019.

In 2019, 1,152 VC-backed companies were sold for $182 billion, and VCs banked an additional $200 billion in IPO exits.

Venture-backed companies continue to be the most dominant contributors to the growth of new jobs and wealth globally. Despite the relatively young age of modern venture capital, a fourth of current public US companies received VC financing. Today the top 5 (and 7 out of 10) of the most valuable companies received VC-backing. These public tech companies' total market capitalization now exceeds $7 trillion, and they employ over 3 million people.

Overall the VC market had a banner year of returns in 2019. According to Crunchbase, 1,152 VC-backed companies were sold for $182 billion in 2019. VCs banked an additional…

Who you know, what you know, and when you know it is the currency of the global innovation industries. The Cryptonite community keeps each other on the cutting-edge.

‘I want to say this loudly and clearly to anybody who is listening…Nobody owns me. I’m not owned by the left. I’m not owned by the right,” says Ms. Logan

We are on the same team as renowned investigative reporter Lara Logan, the iconic former ABC news anchor Ted Koppel, and former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson. We know what great, independent journalism looks like, and we dearly want to restore faith in the Fourth Estate. With all its power, glamour, and social influence, media plays a critical societal role, and journalists must respect and honor their profession's traditions and strive to achieve the ideal. Check your sources, confirm the facts, report the truth, and keep your personal opinions to yourself unless you are penning an opinion piece.

Zuck’s complete 6,000-word letter on Facebook’s global ambitions posted on January 7th, 2020.

To our community,

On our journey to connect the world, we often discuss products we’re building and updates on our business. Today I want to focus on the most important question of all: are we building the world we all want?

History is the story of how we’ve learned to come together in ever greater numbers — from tribes to cities to nations. At each step, we built social infrastructures like communities, media, and governments to empower us to achieve things we couldn’t on our own.

Today we are close to taking our next step. Our greatest opportunities are now…

Instagram and YouTube invented the paid ‘influencer’ — now an $8 billion industry. Cryptonite aims to turn innovation entrepreneurs into the rock stars of the ‘20s.

Most of the world’s new jobs and wealth are created by innovation entrepreneurs. These folks also represent the demographic with the highest business and consumer purchasing power and appetite for professional and investment risk.

Fueled by a growing mistrust of traditional advertising and media and the ever-expanding infobesity epidemic, people are radically more discerning about what they see online. Wary Millennials and Gen Xers regularly seek reviews from people they trust on social media before making purchasing and other big decisions. Over 80 percent of global executives surveyed admit to feeling overwhelmed and often confused by the volume of content they encounter and have become demonstrably more selective about what they read as a result. …

Cryptonite honors great entrepreneurs, great innovation, and the money-making spirit.

That is our core value, and that is who we are. We believe that entrepreneurs who are passionate about innovation can change the world for the better. Our editors are privileged to see this happen, up close, almost every working day.

Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison — two giants of electrical engineering whose inventions changed history.

We honor these champions by providing a global community platform where they can learn, test their ideas, build their reputations, gain support, and build wonderfully innovative products and companies.

As Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is famous for saying, ‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’

Staying informed, connected…

We counseled Mark Zuckerberg to make the pledge in our open letter to him last spring. Now it's time to drink our own Kool-Aid.

In the 3rd wave of the Internet's commercialization, people will own their data and trade it for rewards and cash if they wish, and the big brands who abused us for so long will adjust or fall.

Cryptonite.ai is being created during a very tumultuous time for the Silicon Valley social-media elite. While we applaud the early social networking pioneers for providing a connection lifeline to friends and loved ones all over the planet, their business models are sorely dated and often invasive and harmful to your customers.

People no longer want to see the online giants make billions of dollars trading their personal online activity like commodities on the attention economy exchange. Consumers have become increasingly repelled and annoyed by ad tracking, dopamine-driven engagement tactics, and the proliferation of fake news. Quarterly earnings are driving this…

Anthony Perkins

Silicon Valley OG. Founder and Editor of Cryptonite. Previously Founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group

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