Minimum $2,000 investment earns ‘Founding Member’ status, NFT badge, and 3-year premium-plus subscription.

Friends of Cryptonite Special Offer @ $.005 per CPRO token

The Cryptonite PRO (CPRO) project is set to launch the first blockchain-based, crypto reward-driven social network for entrepreneurs and risk investors on the planet, and we want our friends to join us on this journey.

The presentation you see in front of you is the draft design our the CPRO…

We created and destroyed $5 trillion in market value from 1992 to 2002. NASDAQ’s market cap then soared back to almost $20 trillion by 2021. One indicator says the future from here is still up, up, up.

If you are looking for new opportunity, I suggest meditating on what will drive the 98.75 percent of the world’s population that does not have a crypto wallet to get one. Eventually, it will happen. Coinbase claims to have more than 35 million accounts, while claims to have 53…

Our founders represent a clever and colorful tribe of entrepreneurs and investors straight from the back streets of global innovation.

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Born out of the heart of Silicon Valley, Cryptonite is an expert content and commentary-sharing network for the next generation of entrepreneurial rock stars and risk investors launching in early 2022.

A peer-to-peer world where people create and share the wealth, lend a hand, but otherwise leave each other be. Cryptonite Weekly Rap V2

Ever the optimist, I admit 2020 shook me up. I no longer felt I was standing on the edge of creation, looking out over the deep blue Pacific waters feeling like anything was possible. I was questioning the resilience of the U.S. for the first time in my life. Covid…

Our Wizards lead the Cryptonite community by sharing insider knowledge on innovation trends and opportunities and uncovering the emerging new companies that matter.

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The Cryptonite Network

Born out of the heart of Silicon Valley, Cryptonite is an expert content and commentary-sharing network for global innovation professionals launching in the fourth quarter of 2021. …

A trusted social network for entrepreneurs on a journey to make a mark in time.

The lore of our Personal Legend

In the world’s best-selling novel by a living author, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho tells the story of an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago on the road to find the meaning of life. …

Tony grew up in Silicon Valley along with the introduction of the PC, the Internet, the smartphone, and now decentralized computing (and power).

The Stanford Playland

Tony Perkins is a Silicon Valley Original Gangster best known as the founder and editor-in-chief of Red Herring magazine. The Herring chronicled the entrepreneurs and investors pioneering the commercialization of the Internet boom in the 1990s and reached a paid subscriber base of over 600,000.

Industry disrupters who direct Cryptonite’s members to the innovation trends, investment opportunities, and emerging companies that matter.

What is a Cryptonite Wizard?

Our Wizards ideally have at least 10 years of intensive study and provable results and expertise in one or more innovation and entrepreneurial business domains. …

‘Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you,’ promises our Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Dear Brother — Did you ever read the Chronicles of Narnia — which was, of course, written as a Christian story intentionally with Aslan representing the Christ figure. The author C.S. Lewis has offered many spiritual insights and is on my top 10 list of modern thinkers who have influenced…

The Chinese government tracks its people, stores their biometric data, and ranks them according to their ‘loyalty’ to the Communist Party. Just think what the CCP will do for you.

The best spin on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) involvement with the global spread of COVID is they were playing around in some biological warfare lab, a virus got loose by mistake, they hid the data, and then all hell broke loose. Worst case, the CCP released this menace as…

Anthony Perkins

Silicon Valley OG. Founder and Editor of Cryptonite. Previously Founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group

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