Cryptonite offers innovators a modern, media-sharing ‘trusted network’ that accelerates access to intelligence, investors, strategic partners and advisors, and the ability to build their global reputations and make great things happen.

Staying current, connected, and relevant in a noisy, post-COVID professional world that has gone virtual is a great challenge.


The Chinese government tracks its people, stores their biometric data, and ranks them according to their ‘loyalty’ to the Communist Party. Just think what the CCP will do for you.

China cuts Uyghur births with IUDs, abortion, and sterilization as part of a sweeping campaign to curb its Muslim population. Even the Uyghur diaspora lives in fear of the Chinese state. The CCP’s treatment of the Uighurs should inform our China policy.

Bitcoin boomed during the pandemic — up close to 80 percent since the lockdown in March — and just might end up as good as gold.

Pitching bitcoin

VCs banked a record-breaking $250 billion in exits in 2019.

In 2019, 1,152 VC-backed companies were sold for $182 billion, and VCs banked an additional $200 billion in IPO exits.

A booming tech IPO and M&A market

Who you know, what you know, and when you know it is the currency of the global innovation industries. The Cryptonite community keeps each other on the cutting-edge.

‘I want to say this loudly and clearly to anybody who is listening…Nobody owns me. I’m not owned by the left. I’m not owned by the right,” says Ms. Logan

The death and resurrection of journalism

Zuck’s complete 6,000-word letter on Facebook’s global ambitions posted on January 7th, 2020.

Instagram and YouTube invented the paid ‘influencer’ — now an $8 billion industry. Cryptonite aims to turn innovation entrepreneurs into the rock stars of the ‘20s.

Most of the world’s new jobs and wealth are created by innovation entrepreneurs. These folks also represent the demographic with the highest business and consumer purchasing power and appetite for professional and investment risk.

The infobesity and mistrust challenge

Cryptonite honors great entrepreneurs, great innovation, and the money-making spirit.

Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison — two giants of electrical engineering whose inventions changed history.

We counseled Mark Zuckerberg to make the pledge in our open letter to him last spring. Now it's time to drink our own Kool-Aid.

In the 3rd wave of the Internet's commercialization, people will own their data and trade it for rewards and cash if they wish, and the big brands who abused us for so long will adjust or fall.

A trusted social media network for entrepreneurs on their journey to make a mark in time.

The lore of our Personal Legend

‘Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is,’ the King Melchizedek counseled the young pilgrim.

Anthony Perkins

Silicon Valley OG. Founder and Editor of Cryptonite. Previously Founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group

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